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Real case. La Bien Hecha
07 Sep 2021. 18:16
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La Bien Hecha is an example of how, by developing an online marketing strategy and implementing innovative actions, you can create a great brand image and attract new customers.

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Introduction to the interview

The good practice study aims to present a success story of a 12-woman handbag manufacturing company from Malaga whose motto is "We don't make perfect things. We just make well-made things".

La Bien Hecha started selling physically in a humble way, however, the need to sell online arose and they embarked on the path of digitalisation and the development of a marketing strategy.

The starting point for the development of this study was the identification of the concerns of SMEs from various sectors, in which they expressed their interest in learning about good practices in the areas of customer relations, digital marketing and growth in social media, among others.

Throughout the study we tell you how, with different marketing actions, they have managed to grow their business.

Transcript of the video interview

Interview with Irene Hernández.

La Bien Hecha

What motivated you to go online instead of other models?

We were very clear that we wanted to have an online presence. The thing is that La Bien Hecha started in a very humble way, very little by little, and suddenly it was like a necessity. 

What key digital marketing actions do you use to attract, convert and engage and which channels are most appropriate?

Perhaps a presence on social networks such as Instagram, does play an important role in our sales and in our branding. But then there are other channels that, perhaps for an audience that is already less reserved, work very well for us, such as all the content that is sent out by newsletter. or all the concrete actions we carry out with our clients. Gifting or offer them certain benefits that they can also share with others. 

How important has social media been in your online marketing strategy?

That interaction, that "face-to-face" interaction that Instagram and other networks, for example, allow you to have, I think they are key to growth. If you open the doors of your home through social networks, of your house or your brand in this case, through social media can be a brutal sales strategy or "weapon". 

What aspects do you think should be taken into account when you are developing a digital marketing strategy?

The first thing is that I always try to think in the medium to long term, I never think in the short term, because I think that everything that is done now can always have a response that may or may not be immediate. Another thing to consider is what budget we have, what resources we have, how we can do it and how we can optimise what we are doing as much as possible. 

What have been your big bets in customer strategy?

Well, as of today, we could say that the largest percentage of effort and energy is concentrated on online advertising. What do we do? Lots and lots of content, a lot of image and a lot of publicity. Once they have already had a contact with us and start to become a warm audience, what we do is we work a lot on e-mail marketing, we work a lot on content in networks, on interaction.

What is the customer looking for when shopping online and what have you done about it?

What I think a customer is looking for when buying something online is to have the maximum assurance that everything will be easy, straightforward and problem-free. What we've done is to optimise a lot of things that will help us to make the client feel comfortable throughout the process. 

How have you seen the return on your investments in digitisation and how do you measure the impact of each action? 

I would focus it on sales, growth and brand recognition. What we do is collect, all the data, from all the platforms, from all the options, both at the level of an individual or specific action or campaign, as well as at the level of periods of time. and measure, and there we see what is working and what is not. 

What advice would you give to SMEs that are thinking of embarking on a digital marketing strategy?

The first thing I would say from my humble experience is that if you don't know, get advice or seek help from someone who really knows. Let everyone analyse their branding or marketing strategy for their brand, based on what the brand needs or what the customer needs.

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