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The digitalisation of your commerce starts in Acelera pyme

06 Sep 2021. 12:54
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Acelera pyme is launching different lines of action to support commerce in their digitalisation process.

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Pill about the digitalisation of your commerce starts in Acelera pyme

Digitalisation has become the key factor that will enable the modernisation of the Spanish productive fabric and the economy in general. Such is their impact that an increase in the digitalisation of SMEs could increase national GDP by 5%, as they stated at the conference 'The Digitalisation of SMEs: Where to start?' organised by Orange and CEPYME. This ratio shows that the digitalisation of companies not only boosts their competitiveness, but also involve economic growth for the country.

For this reason, having a digitalised business is essential for the progress and future of the company and the national economy. Especially in the trade sector, one of the most important sectors in Spain.

Your SME needs to digitally transform. Not only to raise its productivity and efficiency, but also to become more competitive in an increasingly digital market.

This is the context where Acelera pyme is born. This initiative has been developed to promote the digitalisation of SMEs, self-employed workers, and entrepreneurs. As mentioned at the beginning, the importance of the trade sector has led Acelera pyme to focus part of its resources on this sector. Therefore, it will bring benefits to all sectors, with a special focus on the commerce sector.

The main objective of Acelera pyme is to support the digital transformation of your SME by offering you high-value tools and services so that you can achieve it in an optimal way. In addition, we want to create an ecosystem and a digital community where you can find people and companies that inspire you and help you in your change process.

These goals support the government's drive for the digitalisation of the Spanish economy, being one of the key projects within the Digitalisation of SMEs Plan 2021-2025. In other words, all the actions of the Acelera pyme initiative help to establish a digitalisation philosophy in SMEs to increase their efficiency and strengthen their presence in the national and international market.


The Acelera pyme initiative boosts your commerce by providing you with resources, tools, support and advice on your digital transformation.


This programme is made by different lines of action that help your business in its digital transformation by providing you with resources, advice and support, so your company can continue to evolve, grow and progress in the Digital Age.

Hereafter we look at the different ways in which this initiative will support the digital change of your company.

The Acelera pyme Platform is a space where you can obtain information on the different areas of digital transformation. It will allow you to discover workshops to participate in as well as resources in a variety of formats that will provide you with knowledge to help you introduce digitalisation in your business. You will also find self-testing tools, which will give you an analysis of the digital maturity of your business or its level of cybersecurity and recommendations to help guiding the future of your company.

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The Platform is designed to offer you valuable content that you can apply in your business, so you will find informative resources that will help you to digitalise your commerce in a simple way. In addition, many of them are prepared by experts, who will give you an enlightening insight based on their professional experience.

Acelera pyme has an exclusive platform focused on commerce, where you can access all these benefits specifically for your sector. We want this space to become your best ally in your SME’s digital transformation process.

This initiative has also promoted the creation of the Acelera pyme Offices, where you will get personalised recommendations from advisors and experts. These offices will help you to understand the situation of your commerce and discover which digital tools are best suited to your needs. In this way, you will not have to invest a large amount of money to find out how to improve your business, as these offices will help you with everything you need, free of charge. You will be able to automate internal processes, create a website or launch your own e-commerce by following the advice of these Acelera pyme Offices.

As we have seen, Acelera pyme offers you all the tools you may need to turn your business more digital and advance in aspects such as the automation of internal processes or your digital presence. You will learn about the benefits of digitalisation, solutions, and techniques to perform it, so that your products can reach more and more customers. Don't think it twice and start enjoying the advantages of being a digitalised trade!


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