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Learn about digital transformation with specific resources for retail SMEs

06 Sep 2021. 14:53
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The Acelera pyme Platform provides you with many resources so that you can acquire all the necessary skills to digitalise your business.

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Pill about learning about digital transformation with specific resources for retail SMEs

Information and knowledge are two key factors for a successful digital transformation. Being aware of the latest tools and techniques allows you to make better decisions and to optimally introduce the specific plan that your commerce needs.

Sometimes, finding quality information that is useful for the needs and size of your company is not an easy task and often involves a large amount of time in searching and comparing.

For this reason, Acelera pyme has developed a section in its Acelera pyme Platform focused on providing you with resources adapted to SMEs and micro-SMEs on digital transformation.


Training is essential in the digital transformation.


In addition, in Acelera pyme comercio you can find specifically designed contents for SMEs in this sector that you can complete with those found in the resources section of the main Acelera pyme Platform.

To address digital transformation, the content is focused on the 8 main areas of digital transformation, as well as self-testing tools for digital maturity. We recommend that you first complete these tests so that you have a precise vision of the areas that you need to promote in your business. Once you have identified them, you will have a more specialised vision, and will be able to access those documents that bring you the most value.

What content will you find in each area?

In the digital strategy area, you will find information related to the importance of digitalising your business, as well as the benefits it brings you and how to establish a strategy to implement the change correctly.

Whether you need advice or recommendations on how to manage employee training, recruit new talent or introduce teleworking in your company, the available resources in the area of digital organisation are valuable to your company.

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Introducing new digital tools, boosting connectivity, or discovering today's cutting-edge technologies can be a challenge. For this reason, find all the information you need by filtering by infrastructure and technology to check out the latest technological developments in the sector.

Digitalisation has brought many benefits, but also new risks. The importance of data protection is increasing, and cyber-attacks are becoming more frequent. Discover how to protect your SME with our cybersecurity resources. In addition, we recommend you use the cybersecurity self-testing tool to identify improvement areas in your business and get advice on how to increase your business security to avoid issues in the future.

Today, if your business is not on the Internet and social networks, it does not exist. Learn how to strengthen your SME's online presence, develop the right digital marketing strategy, and take advantage of your customers' opinions to offer them everything they need with the customer relationship documents.

How can I boost my e-commerce and what payment methods should I introduce? The answers to these questions, and much more, can be found in the resources available in the marketing field.

If you want to digitally boost different areas of your business, in the area of business processes you can find advice and plans to automate the different departments and easily manage your business with tools that give you a comprehensive view of it.

Finally, in the support processes section, discover everything you need not only to digitalise your internal processes, but also to establish a correct relationship with third parties or with the Public Administration.

Do you still want to know more? Visit the real stories area to find out how other businesses like yours have digitalised their commerce. You can also subscribe to the trade sector newsletter to receive the latest updates and keep up to date with everything that is happening in the digitalisation of your sector.


Don't hesitate any longer, access the Acelera pyme Platform and start discovering all the training and valuable content for your business digital transformation. Remember, the more you are prepared, the better you will be at managing the digital shift, by discovering new strategies that your competitors may not even have imagined. Ready to accelerate the change?

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