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Digitise your beauty salon with the Kit Digital

05 May 2023. 16:25
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Thanks to digitalisation, companies have been able to reach more customers and offer better services. If you have a company in the beauty sector, we tell you how to digitise your business.

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Technology has driven digitalisation in all areas of our daily lives: at work, at home, at the doctor or at the supermarket, which is reflected in all sectors, including beauty.  According to, Allied Market Research, in 2018 the beauty sector was worth around $389 billion globally and is expected to reach $463.5 billion by 2027. Its growing importance has led businesses in this sector to grow more and more and, consequently, to digitise in order to attract a wider audience.

The digitisation of beauty salons focuses on attracting and improving the user experience. In other words, they implement IT tools in the workplace to reach an increasingly connected audience. For example, they use technology to manage users' appointments to avoid long waiting lists.

In this way, the usefulness of these digital spaces goes far beyond having a presence on the internet; it focuses more on putting the customer at the centre of business decisions.  For example, you can offer interesting content, and improve your presence in search engines to appear when users search. On the other hand, you can also take advantage of augmented reality and use filters that allow the user to see how a haircut would look before having it done. As you can see, digitalisation has different advantages for your beauty salon, which we will go into in more detail later on.


Advantages of digitalisation in your beauty salon

Here are the advantages that digitalisation can bring to the beauty and hairdressing business:

  1. Reach a larger number of people. Having an active presence on the Internet allows you to foster closer communication with your customers, as well as to expand your customer network and build customer loyalty among existing customers.


  1. Speed up the booking and appointment management processes. Both the website and the different profiles on social networks allow users to make appointments or even consult prices and timetables.


  1. More satisfactory customer experience. Digital businesses have a competitive advantage in the sector, communicating more efficiently with the target audience and offering them a better experience. They are also highly adaptable to change. For example, with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool you can manage the appointment system, integrate marketing actions, and update databases to improve the user experience.


Thanks to the different solutions offered by the Digital Kit, it will be easier for you to transform your beauty salon. For example, you can request the voucher for an online presence, for help with invoicing or for help with social media management. You can also apply for the customer management solution that will help you to optimise your customer relationship management.


However, before digitising your beauty salon you should consider the following aspects:

  1. Know and identify your target audience well. It is not enough to have a presence in the online channel, it is essential to know the needs and understand the needs of your customers in order to satisfy them.


  1. Strike a balance between channels. Personal treatment and the relationship established between the centre and the customer are key. To achieve this, it is interesting to strike a balance between the physical and digital worlds.


  1. Take care of your digital tools. Social networks, websites, smart devices are just tools. The important thing is not that we use them, but how and more importantly, why. For example, you can use your social media to advertise new services or to manage appointments.


Now that you know all the advantages of digitalisation for your beauty salon, don't hesitate and join the digital change! Take advantage of this opportunity and take your centre to the next level.

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