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Access the Acelera pyme Platform and discover everything you need to digitalise your commerce

06 Sep 2021. 13:31
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The Acelera pyme Platform provides you with everything you need to digitalise your business in a simple and effective way.

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Pill about access the Acelera pyme Platform and discover everything you need to digitalise your commerce

Digitalisation is an unstoppable process that is affecting companies in all sectors regardless of their size or scope. It is a continuous process, in constant evolution, to which small and medium-sized companies must pay special attention to remain competitive. This adaptation and development is a major challenge for commerce SMEs. Therefore, Acelera pyme comercio is born, a reference digital platform to provide the sectorial digital knowledge that SMEs need on this path.

The Acelera pyme comercio Platform is a space where you will find all the tools to perform digitalisation in an easier way.

This platform offers you a window to the digital world, where you will always have on hand technological solutions and advice aimed at maintaining and boosting your business. It is also collaborative and open to all those agents from both the administration and the private sector who want to offer help to SMEs and the self-employed people.


On this Platform you can find a multitude of valuable resources and information content.


The aim of this post is to introduce you to the tools, resources and content developed for the trade sector that you will find on the Platform.

The first recommendation is to complete the specific self-diagnosis test for the trade sector, located on the main Acelera pyme Platform, so that you can discover the digital maturity of your company. These tests provide you with information about the digital situation of your business compared to other SMEs. You can also identify the areas you need to boost digitally and get recommendations on how to do this in an effective way.


In Acelera pyme comercio, discover everything you need to boost your trade digitally.


In the new content section, you will find the latest content highlights. In this way, you will have access to valuable updated information. However, if you want to be updated every month and be part of the Acelera pyme community, we recommend you subscribe to the Acelera pyme trade sector newsletter. Each month you will receive in your email the most significant news, tools and contents related to commerce digital transformation so that you never miss a thing!

The Platform has an agenda section, which lists events, conferences, talks, and workshops that you can access to get more information about commerce digital transformation. Choose the ones that best match your interests, visit their page to register for the event and book that day in your calendar.

Are you looking for inspiration on how other retailers have managed to introduce digitalisation into their processes? Do you still think that digitalising your SME will not offer you great benefits? If some of these questions is still crossing your mind, we recommend you access the real stories section. Here, businesses like yours tell you how they made the leap to digitalisation and the advances it has brought to their business. Find inspiration and learn at first-hand how digital transformation is a reality for small businesses.

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In the resources section, you will find a wide variety of valuable content that has been developed to help you digitalise your business. In this section you will find information on tools you should introduce, new techniques you can apply, and guides and tips for you to effectively develop your own digital strategy. In addition, many of them have been developed by experts, so you have access to the vision and experience of great professionals just a click away.

If you have already decided to digitalise your business, but you feel that the investment you need to carry it out exceeds your resources, the section on grants is key for you. Check out a wide range of grants for your business digitalisation, at European Union, national, regional and local level.

The Acelera pyme Platform offers you the support you need to digitalise your SME. Access and enjoy all the benefits it brings you, and take your trade to the next level!


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