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09 Jan 2023. 18:33
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Thanks to online sales, companies can reach a larger number of customers and make their products known in different markets. Don't miss this reference document where we talk about e-commerce and marketplaces.

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Executive summary

In recent years, the Internet has become a technology present in millions of homes and businesses around the world. This has had a significant impact on the way we communicate.

The implementation of computer and telecommunications networks has eliminated the barriers of time and distance and, with the Internet, a large community of people and organisations has emerged to take full advantage of its capabilities. In this context, e-commerce was born, which is defined as the way of buying and selling products, goods and services over the Internet, i.e. online.

The evolution of e-commerce is closely linked to technological and IT developments. Also, in the digital era, consumer behaviour is undergoing a momentous change. Consumers, more demanding than ever, want to shop "how they want, where they want, when they want".

Companies have been able to take advantage of this trend, not only as a communication tool, but also in the development of specific marketing and economic strategies. In this way, new business opportunities arise that do not go unnoticed by companies, as they find in the solution an effective instrument to attract customers and increase their sales.

In this sense, e-commerce has great potential for SMEs and the self-employed due to its wide-ranging economic and social benefits, market expansion, productivity and innovation, as well as its potential to implement new distribution channels and thus intensify their sales power.

This report explains in detail what e-commerce consists of, presenting its evolution over the last few years and detailing the steps to follow for the creation of an online shop, as well as the elements and tools necessary for its implementation. In addition, the document provides an introduction to marketplaces, what they are, what they consist of and their characteristics, as well as their benefits. The document also includes real success stories, where e-commerce has been implemented correctly and successfully.

It is worth mentioning that the elaboration of the document is based on inputs provided by Jorge González Marcos, an expert in e-commerce. Jorge is Director of Iberia and Latam in the multinational company Prestashop and has 20 years of experience working in the field. He is also a teacher and founder of the blog

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