Benefits of agile methodologies for your SME

21 Feb 2023. 20:57
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In this monograph you will learn what agile methodologies are and the different benefits they can bring to your SME.

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Executive summary

Agility is the ability to create and respond to change in order to generate differential value for the customer. Thanks to the agile methodology, companies identify the demands and needs of customers in order to satisfy them as quickly as possible. In short, it turns the digitalisation of a business into a competitive advantage from the very first moment. All companies that want to be agile must know how to measure, motivate and work with a team. 

The most common agile methodologies include the following: Lean Startup, Scrum and Kanban. On the one hand, the Lean Startup method is based on the identification of a target audience that allows an easy adoption of the solution to improve the initial idea and be able to expand to the target audience. On the other hand, the Scrum methodology encourages team collaboration to improve product delivery in an iterative way. Finally, the Kanban method focuses on creating a visual system for managing workflows with other types of work. 

To implement this methodology in SMEs, it is necessary to follow the following steps: identify business objectives; analyse the culture of your SME; detect the potential impact on your customers; determine the resources available in your company; seek support from your company's leaders; implement agile-based processes and develop your day-to-day work based on this methodology. 

There are also tools that allow you to implement an agile methodology within your company. For example: through the organisation of teams, leading collaborative sessions, allowing the visualisation of ideas and key concepts. Some of the best known tools are: Scrumblr, Trello, MURAL, MIRO or Slack. These tools avoid bottlenecks and help to manage the team effectively. 

By adopting agile methodologies, SMEs base management on transparency, adherence to purpose. Moreover, they increase the chances of adapting to changes in the environment more quickly.  

In conclusion, thanks to agile technology, the constant barriers that a traditional organisation may have are avoided and resources are optimised, allowing better synergy between all the teams involved in the development of any product or service in any field.

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