Which content to publish on different social networks?

Tips for posting content on business social profiles

04 Jul 2022. 12:32
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Tips for posting content on business social profiles

Which content to publish on different social networks
  • Facebook
    • Be creative. Use videos, images, infographics, blog posts and include a link to drive traffic to your website.
    • Share testimonials. Knowing the opinions or experiences of your customers can inspire or motivate others.
    • Ask for feedback. Ask your audience questions to find out what content they like best. er qué contenidos les gusta más.



  • Twitter
    • Include visual material. Use images, videos or GIFs and accompany them with simple texts.
    • Disseminate news. Share interesting industry news and ask your followers for their opinions.
    • Celebrate holidays. There is always a special day you can tweet about and be part of the trend.



  • LinkedIn
    • Educate your audience. Share texts, images or infographics about specific topics in your sector.
    • Share content from your blog. Promote your website's blog articles to generate more visits.
    • Contribute relevant content. Content that is useful for your audience and positions you within your sector.


  • Instagram
    • Capture your audience's attention. Use good quality photos and videos that generate enthusiasm for your company.
    • Use different formats. Use stories and Reels to connect with your audience.
    • Say no to monotony. Share interviews, tutorials, success stories, products, unpublished material and special offers.


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