Glossary of terms for digital business

17 Nov 2022. 09:26
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  • SME maturity
    1. Comercio electrónico
    Scope to digitize
    1. Commercialisation

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Glossary for digital business

The following terms will help you boost your business whether you are a retailer or an SME.



In-depth analysis to understand the strategies and best practices used by a company's competitors.



The process of defining and building a brand, managing and planning all the elements that make it up.


Click & Collect

Form of consumption that allows customers to buy products through digital platforms and pick them up physically in a store or store.



Method of financing that consists of collective cooperation carried out by a group of people who make a series of monetary contributions.


Landing page

A landing page or landing page is a landing page to which the user arrives after clicking on a link or CTA from another page.



A digital platform where different brands, companies or businesses can sell their products or services.


SaaS Software (Software as a Service)

Also known as software as a service and is a way of distributing business software over the internet.


SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)

Stands for stock keeping unit and consists of a unique code made up of a set of characters that identifies a specific product.

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